quiet books for kids

quiet books for kids

As discussed in a previous post, learning boards, learning books, sensory books etc are all becoming a more and more popular form of learning time for little ones; babies and toddlers specifically.  What about the older kids though?  Here is a really great one that I found which is perfect for pre-school and early school year age children.

It’s like a sensory board on the go with a fun learning element that you can mimic direct from this video or just get creative and make one of your very own.  This particular one involves a lot of sewing, so it could seem discouraging if you don’t sew however, you can make one very similar using felt and a hot glue gun.

Have a look at this video below to get some ideas for quiet books that you can make – and what a fun way to create a little library of them if you decide to make themes for special times of year or to introduce those tough times that kids might be nervous about:  doctor visits, first day of school etc…

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