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10 foods that look like the body parts they are meant for:

I, like many, am a very huge believer in the power of natural healing, natural health and natural energy.  I would healthy foods, foods that look like body parts they are meant for, healthy living, holistic health, holistic healing,much rather eat a balanced diet to benefit all the different needs of my body and consume healthy healing foods when I am in need of some repair – rather than reach for the quick fix of a pill.  The problem with over the counter pills and vitamins is the obvious fact that these are not natural!  It’s like my grandmother always told me “when you take a pill for this, you’re harming a whole lot of that”!  How true this is, I mean, have you ever taken a really good look at the possible side effects of these things?  Sure, a pill might take care of my headache, but what effect can have on many other parts of my body?  Or, sure, I might be able to drink this energy drink to boost my energy for the time being, but what is it potentially doing to the rest of my body?

Well, what if I told you that I have a list of 10 foods that look just like the body part it’s meant to benefit most?  Click the “next” button below to take a look at this list.  I would advise you have a pen ready or save this link somewhere to be able to reference it while doing your grocery shopping.  The best part?  Most of these foods do not require any preparation at all!!!  Yep, you heard me; it’s a simple quick fix to eliminate a lot of unnecessary over the counter pills and energy drinks!

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