7 high energy foods

Top 7 healthy high energy foods!

Ok, this is a topic that I’m sure we can all agree is very welcome and needed!!!  High energy foods!!  Sure, we can reach for another cup of energy boosting foods, list of energy food, high energy food, quick energy food, energy boosting snacks, energy foods for breakfast, energy boosting drinks, natural energy boosing drinks, health foods that give you energy, foods that give you energy fastcoffee or even an energy drink – but is that what we want or what we should really be doing?  Not to mention the fact that the simple benefit of an energy boost is short lived and usually followed by a crash or a groggy feeling.

This list of foods to naturally boost your energy will help you improve your health while also getting that much needed boost of energy followed by a feeling of rejuvenation and clarity rather than the groggy crash.


1)  lemon water 

Specifically, warm lemon water!  Besides the well known benefit from way back when our grandmothers would give us their remedies for cold and flu, lemon water serves so many health benefits; as well as being a natural energy drink!!

It’s also great for strengthening your immune system, cleansing your liver, improves digestion, natural anti-depressant, helps to regulate your blood pressure, keeps your skin clear, great source of vitamin C, relieves heart burn, fights gingivitis, helps prevent cancer due to the benefits of alkaline found in lemons.



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